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Original Photos and Articles for Future Publications submitted by Curtis Anderson.
Permission granted to R.E.A. officers to edit and used as desired.  Permission granted to Joe Spooner and Stephen Seidler, editors for REA
to review the web site and let me know what images, etc. you would like to use in future publications.
I can provide the original in high definition quality upon request and can provide a story as well.

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Spring 2010 Issue

CREWE Railroad Museum in Crewe, Virginia

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I recently visited the Crewe Railroad Museum in Crewe, Virginia. I already was a rail fan but after meeting volunteer Ronnie Veron, I became an instant fan of his after talking and asking him so many questions about railroad life on the N&W line.  Ronnie, as so many of the other volunteers at the museum, once worked or was kin to someone who worked for the railroad in the small town of Crewe.
A few months pasted and I just had to visit the museum to ask more questions.  This time I was greeted by Mrs. Lucille Williams and "somehow intentionally"  got on the subject of  Lord and she suggested I subscribe to the ALL Aboard magazine and gave me her most recent personal copy.
I had started a children's program at my church Trinity in Petersburg, Virginia called the program 'Get on Board' as an evangelist outreach program at Trinity.
Well, let me tell you, after reading the magazine cover to cover, I started calling and emailing some of the officers and even Rev. Paul Campbell  with questions.
I not only got my questions answered, I subscribed to the magazine, became an R.E.A. member, and took out a bulk subscription for those who attend our children's program.  There is more!  I showed a copy to my pastor and he felt we should provide them to all our church members and guest.
This is still not the end of the story.  The 'Get on Board' children's program is now a family program and with such a large collection of railroad photographs in my personal inventory that I have taken over many years, decided to 'get-in-volved' and submit some of my  images to the editor and write articles for the magazine!
Does anyone see the Lord working here?  Let me tell you, volunteer work is contagious, but the Lord's work is addictive.  I am always inspired by others who are faithful in serving others in the name of Christ.  I see an REA Chapter in the future, thanks to Ronnie, Lucille, Paul, Joe, my pastor, and all those in REA.

More powerful than a speeding locomotive....Remember Superman back in the 1950's and 1960's during the black and white days of TV?  Superman was faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap tall buildings in a single bounce.  What I enjoyed most about watching Superman, realizing my own lack of power, speed, and bounce, was TV allowed me to see what Superman saw.  Using the video technology of the day, Superman could approach a bank vault or a closed boxcar of a train and the TV viewer could 'see' inside what Superman saw as he focused his eyes toward the object.  For a moment I could see what Superman saw by using his eyes.  This brings me to the passage of scripture in Matthew 9: 36 when Jesus saw the multitudes, and just like the days of Superman on TV, for a moment the inspired scripture allows the reader to see what Jesus saw; "scattered abroad as sheep having no shepherd".   Reading the Bible can improve our vision by allowing us to use the eyes of Jesus to see what He saw.  In Matthew 9: 36, can you see His compassion?  When you read the Bible, allow the Holy Spirit to improve your vision.  This is more powerful than a speeding locomotive.

Suggest a photo of a high speed locomotive for this article:  I have many still photos but will need to look hard for a speeding locomotive.