Curtis Anderson
I have assembled together a portable video and audio recording studio to assist upcoming talented
singers and musicians with producing their own musical CD or video DVD.  Their work
 will be hosted on one of several of my web servers and can be Podcast if desired, all at no cost to the
person or group involved.  Examples: George Adkins song   Whirley Brothers music . Disclaimer.
In exchange, I request the right to use their work in producing non-profit religious and child related DVD's, including
Webcast, Podcast,  and other means of general distribution.   This distribution will further expose the musical
talent of the person or group involved.
All types of music are under consideration.   For more information, visit and email me, the Host and
 mention the subject FREE CAST.  

Lisa's Music - couching and planning

Buddy Lee's Music


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Gospel Train

Sample Video Clips
All Aboard     Get On Board     Main Theme & Music Video     Hello, Introduction

Sample Audio
Coming into the station
Theme music provided by 'TRAIN SINGER'  Greg Schindel, used by permission.  @

Available NOW: "TRAIN SINGER" music on CD @

We are currently maintaining 9 web sites, four podcast, and continue adding videos uploaded on YouTube
with many videos rated '5 Star', and continue to add more web sites and domain names as we grow.
With hundreds of visitors a day overall from all over the world,
we have a goal or reaching 'a million a year' in the near future.
'Free Cast' material can be emailed to the Web Cast Host or sent by USPS.
WCAST Website Host
 215 South Sycamore Street
 Petersburg, Virginia   23803
Monetary donations are NOT being accepted and will be returned if sent,
but feel free to ask how you can help with this outreach.
Wcast would like to thank each and every contributing supporter for their free cast provided material.

web site
Note the increase in the number of visitors for year 2007, from just over 400 visitors
in Jan.2007 to almost 1800 visitors in Dec. 2007.

web site
Note the increase in the monthly average number of visitors for year 2008 over 2007.
From 984 in Jan. 2007 to 2184 monthly average number of visitors in Dec. 2008.
2009 was another GREAT year for growth.

Note the increase in the monthly average number of visitors for year 2009.
From 984 in 2007, 2184 in 2008, to 3569 monthly average of visitors in 2009.

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