The Virginia Telephone Museum
"On The Road"
Sharing History and Technology in Schools
Technology Fifty Years Ago and Today

A local elementary school invited The Virginia Telephone Museum to help the school celebrate their 50th year.

Everything on the table was popular in 1967 and has all been replaced with just a smart phone over the past 50 years.

The school had five displays representing each of the five decades in school and world history.

Over 600 students passed through the gym during the day to learn about their school history, world history, and technical history.

Yesterdays music was compared with today using the smart phone.

An electric alarm clock is just one of the many devices now found on a smart phone.

In 1967, a text message was sent using a post card, stamp, and the U.S. mail service.

Class after class cycled through the gym to listen, read, learn, and ask questions.

That evening, special guest were invited to share memories over the years at the school.

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