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Plans are underway to have author, publisher Ronald Seagrave come
to Trinity Church in Petersburg, Va. and give a presentation on his
book entitled "Early Artisans and Mechanics of Petersburg, Virginia".
His book tells the story of people of different races and religion, backgrounds,
and education who worked together to build a nation and the role that
rivers and the railroad played in central Virginia.

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-short videos-

MP4 Video Format      Train Singer Singing     Train Singer Reciting

WMV Video Format     Train Singer Singing  Train Singer Reciting

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Bible Train

Multimedia Video Ride Musical Program for the entire family.
Music provided by 'TRAIN SINGER®'  Greg Schindel, used by written permission.  @
What A Ride!  Climb about this train as well as several others and enjoy the video ride, the music
and all the fun that only the Train Singer and Fred 'HOT' Pepper can deliver with their banjo,
guitar and harmonica over the wide screen.  The entire family will enjoy this video program with
a wonderful message from the bible.
Ask how to have this program Hosed at your church. 
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Dr. Donald Nuss - All About His New Procedure - Click Here

MP4 Video Format    Meet Dr. Donald Nuss   -  Video Interview

WMV Video Format    Meet Dr. Donald Nuss - Video Interview

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Fred 'HOT' Pepper Home Page

Ride Along with Bob Hudson in his 1924 Ford Model  "T"
MP4 Format Video          WMV Format

Trinity Church in historic Petersburg, Virginia
Saint Francis in the Redwoods
The Gospel Train
The Gospel Chicken House Band Music

Shiloh Grass Band & Heritage Village & Whirley Brothers
Special thanks to Adam Thorn"I'm On the Railroad Again"-video of  Houston Texas for submitting this train.
video. The music on the video sound track was provided by the "Train Singer
®". This video was arranged by the Wcast Host.

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Linda Hopkins Images

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